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Two questions about templates
« on: January 15, 2008, 03:14:38 AM »
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Been busy configuring emAlbum for my client and everything is going swimmingly.

However now I need to find out about two things:

1. My client will be uploading 100's of images on a regular basis, each will have the same description html (a shopping cart form), is there a way to have this coded into the template? I'm guessing there should be a way somewhere. I've found the main template for the site, but it uses the <emAlbumMain> call to call up the rest of the gallery, so I'm a bit stuck as to where you edit to look of the fullsize images, where I assume, one could place the HTML for the shopping cart directly into the template rather than manually edit 1000's of images.. (which would be zero fun)

2. I'm going to be using most likely romancart as the cart system as this seems the simplest solution and all the images will have the same options attached to them.

Is there a way where the gallery can automatically populate a specific field in the template HTML described above?

For example:

<form action=http://www.romancart.com/cart.asp method=post>
<input type=hidden name=itemname value='xxxxxxxxx'>
<input type=hidden name=price value=9.99> <input type=hidden name=storeid value=10000> <input type=hidden name=quantity value=1> <input type=submit value='Add to Basket'> </form>

where xxxxxxxxx would be the image's file number

I'm guessing it can be called as you have <emAlbumNavigation> and <emAlbumfoot> calls etc.. so is it possible to replace xxxxxxxxx in the template HTML with something like <emAlbumfilename> or some such which would call the images file name? I'm guessing you may be able to make use of the EXIF details call which looks like it would do the trick as the file name is what we are after here.

One last thing(!)

Using Image::Magick - PerlMagick how do you control the size of the full view images? Can only find options for thumbnails.

Ta for your help

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